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So, we’ve finally made it to Phase 5(Thank the Good LORDT!) and no one could prepare me for the JUNGLE that truly is React/Redux. I decided that I wanted this project to focus on the one thing I obsess over the most: SHOES! My application, I duly named “The SNKR Collection”, is a novice collector’s best friend — — where you can keep track of the sneakers you already have as well as adding the sneakers that you’ve been eyeing for a while and can’t seem to forget about.

Whilst starting the process of building my backend and setting up…

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So, we’re finally learning about Ruby-on-Rails in this new module and I am loving it compared to my Sinatra project (lowkey got PTSD from it, LOL). Whilst building out my Rails project, I had noticed many similarities, especially when it comes to the body of the project that’s centered around Models, Controllers, & Views. However, out of all the similarities that exist between Rails and Sinatra, one major difference remains….

What do we do about the “routes”?

Well, first off, what are our routes anyway?

Routes are used in Rails sort of like how we have our environment in Sinatra. They let us render and redirect the user…

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Well, it’s the end of Phase 2 and we’ve entered into Project week! For my Sinatra Project, I decided to use a part of my culture as inspiration for my project build and I called it “The Day Name Generator”. Being Ghanaian, it’s customary for all newborns to be given a distinct name that correlates to the day of the week that they were born. For the flow of my project, I decided to build out my MVC framework around the fact that a user can pick the day name that correlates with the day they were born and add…

Wow. So we finally made it to Project week, which was the 3rd week of our cohort thus far. We were tasked with the challenge of building our first CLI Gem with Ruby. After 3 weeks of learning everything from string interpolations to object orientation, I figured “It can’t be THAT hard”. HA! So i thought….

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First things first, I had to figure out what I wanted to create my gem for. After many brainstormed ideas, I decided to create a CLI centered around skincare products. In order to do this, I had to extrapolate data from a website using…

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I graduated as a psychology major and after my last semester, I decided to get a job in my field until I moved on to the next few steps. Along my path of pursuing being a psychologist, in 2020 I was working for social services as a counselor in a rehabilitation facility. I worked the overnight shift, so I had the whole day to dedicate my time to something else. I was doing some research online and I found a website that sparked my interest which led me to spend more hours doing research in the world of code. …

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Over the course of human existence technology has impacted our lives in one way or the other. Technology has become an inevitable part of our lives given that it can be tailored to fit our needs. Living in a country that birthed the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates has impacted my world view on a large scale and reinforced the cosmic role technology plays in our everyday lives. However, having a connection to Ghana where my family hails from has also been an eye opener to what the lack of technological advancement can bring about.

I visited with…

Nana Ama Siriboe

A black girl, making her own way in the tech space

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